Keep your cleaning game on fleek with the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower

2022-06-03 22:13:53 By : Ms. Bella Bai

Smart automation and clever engineering keep the dusting dust-free.

After the cordless vacuum sucks up dust and debris, the All-in-One Tower automatically clears up that cache with its internal dust removal system. Photos: LG

As far as house chores go, vacuuming arguably ranks as one of the most satisfying. As you swoop over the floor and under those cupboards, all manner of hair, dust and particles disappear up the snaking machine shaft. Out of sight, out of mind.

But when it’s time to empty that dust bag, it can be difficult to prevent dust and debris from escaping and triggering an all-out sneezing fit. For all the latest innovations in vacuum cleaning wizardry, efficient dust disposal still seems to have some way to go.

Now, LG has paired its CordZero A9 Kompressor Handstick Vacuum with the All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra) to resolve your dusting woes. The All-in-One Tower is a charging and docking station that eliminates the hassle of dust disposal, thanks to its clever design. The bonus? Its sleek looks promise to complement the clean aesthetics of the modern home. Consider your search for a complete vacuum solution done and dusted.

The A9T-Ultra makes the cleaning experience seamless. While the cordless vacuum sucks up dust and debris with its powerful suction, the All-in-One Tower automatically clears up that cache with its internal dust removal system when you’re done. A jingle will chime when the emptying starts, and another will signal the bins are cleared and ready to go.

You can opt for an automated disposal after every clean or select a manual setting to control the activation. To do so, just press the start/stop button to empty dust from the handstick vacuum into the tower’s 2.5L collection bag – that’s three months’ worth of small, frequent disposals.

But isn’t storing all that dust unhygienic, you ask? Not with the All-In-One Tower. Its dust bag is sanitised by UVC LED light, which minimises bacterial growth. Additionally, a three-step filtration process that involves the dust bag, washable motor protection filter and fine dust filter traps tiny particles and allergens within the station so they can’t re-enter your living space.

The All-in-One Tower is also a charging station that can store and charge two batteries concurrently. The dual battery gives you up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cordless cleaning

Beneath its contemporary, eggshell-white exterior, the tower hides another secret. Flip the sides open and you’ll find customised storage nooks that fit the many accessories that accompany the A9T-Ultra. You can neatly tuck away specialised nozzles like the Crevice Tool, the Multi-Surface Power Drive Nozzle and the handy Power Drive Mop Nozzle into their own slots. You’ll never lose your accessories again.


No matter if you’re clearing dust off a waist-high ledge or up a ceiling corner, the A9T-Ultra adapts to your needs with an adjustable telescopic pipe. With four settings to choose from and its cordless operation, even the younger ones can quickly clean up after themselves with ease.

The handstick vacuum also sports LG’s proprietary Kompressor technology that compresses the gathered dirt. This means the device is able to store more dust (up to 2.4 times more) when you’re cleaning.

Powering this deep clean is the brushless smart inverter motor that generates up to 200W of suction power to capture fine dust effectively and funnel it effortlessly into the vacuum bin. To ensure dust does not leak back into the living space, a five-step filtration system traps 99.999 per cent of dust particles as small as 0.5 microns in size, LG says, thus reducing the spread of allergens. The filters are removable and washable, and this easy maintenance ensures the internal machinery is always chugging to give you that optimal clean.

Save the hassle from vacuuming then mopping with this smart stick vacuum cleaner that enables you to go from vacuum to wet mop in a jiffy. 

The A9T-Ultra includes a Power Drive Mop Nozzle that completes both tasks in one swipe. It comes with two water-dispensing levels so you can control the wetness to the surface or stain, and the vacuum kicks in to clear up the rest.

Other accessories include the Power Drive Multi-Surface Nozzle that trundles over different floors with ease, but especially carpeted ones. And if pet fur is your Kryptonite, then the Power Drive Mini takes it off cleanly from sofas and bedding.

For smarter housekeeping, LG’s ThinQ app manages your cleaning history and runs diagnostics to keep your vacuum in tip-top condition. You’ll also receive notifications when the batteries are fully charged, as well as the status of your filters so you need not open up the device unnecessarily.

With the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra), you can now confidently deal with dust and debris, the smart way.

Get the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra) at S$1,599 at authorised retailers Audio House, Best Denki, COURTS, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount and Parisilk. It is also available online at the official LG Flagship store on Lazada and Shopee.

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