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2022-03-11 07:55:01 By : Mr. Kim Zhu

AGCO/Fendt Management Board chairman Christoph Grblinghoff.

Self-cleaning air filter an award winner

EARLIER this month the international Innovation Commission of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) honoured Fendt's self-cleaning air filter system with the Innovation Award Agritechnica 2022 in silver.

The self-cleaning air filter is available for the Fendt 900 Vario and Fendt 1000 Vario series.

"Fendt high horsepower tractors from 296 to 517 horsepower are used on large farms worldwide.

They are very popular with customers in regions such as South America or Australia where the soils tend to be dry and a lot of dust develops,

The automatic control of the Fendt self-cleaning air filter system allows operators to do their work without interruptions during operation.

"In addition, regular automated cleaning increases the longevity of the machine - which is entirely in the interest of our customers," said AGCO/Fendt Management Board chairman Christoph Grblinghoff.

The filter system combines continuous dust extraction with active filter cleaning in a 30-second cleaning cycle.

The self-cleaning air filter for the Fendt 900 Vario.

The filter is blown out on the move, to avoid any downtimes usually associated with manual filter cleaning.

During the cleaning cycle, the filter is blown out twice, each with a 10-second pre-run and post-run.

The dust filter has its own 12-bar compressed air tank.

The compressed air flow is controlled by a solenoid or pulse valve.

Just before blowing out, the speed of the fan is raised and continues running like that for a short while afterwards.

The driver is notified about the cleaning process via a pop-up window on the terminal, so they can choose to activate it manually or fully automatically.

The filter has a service life of about two years.

This system requires a specially developed filter cartridge.

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